Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dream blog moved

Hi everyone,

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I started my blogs here, but I couldn't figure how to add the normal "Follow" button so I just moved my entries to an older blog that already had the "Follow" button, lol --

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hi everyone,

Here's my first dream post  :D -- Just a note, some descriptions will be long, some will be short, some may only be a few sentences, it's really up to what I can remember and make sense of, lol... since dreams are very fleeting after waking.

Well, here it goes:


***   I had a dream where I was in a city that was in total isolation from the rest of the world.  When I say total isolation, I mean no way out.  The city was litterally bordered off by dark bluish space, and clouds/mist, sort of like it was floating in the sky, but it wasn't the sky because I as I got closer to one of the city edges, I could not see anything below, and I could feel a very ominous presence.  Let's just say it was a very bad feeling. 

I wasn't originally from the city, I was actually sent there with my friends to help save the city from its isolation (don't ask from where I was sent because I don't even know, lol) - Though one thing I do know is I was sent from the future! :D  I know this because as I was asking the citizens about what's been happening to the city, they were really surprised with what a cell phone was, they didn't even know what photos were, they had never seen such technologies before.  I also know because I could feel that I was from the future, or more that I was sent into the past :)

There was quite a bit of running around, and flying too!  I was able to fly in this dream, and quite nicely, although when I got near the city edges, I'd lose the power to fly (another indication of scariness :S).  The only information I got from the citizens was that an organization recently started up and set up base in an old church in the northern end of the city and that there was a strange tower far from the city.  The tower was really tall, I could see it from the middle of the city, and none of the other buildings could compare.  I told my friends and we went to investigate. 

The church itself didn't seem like much, beige bricks, big brown center doors, and there was nothing out of the ordinary, but then people came out of the doors and started fighting us.  They definitely didn't like us snooping around.  My friends told me to keep going and investigate the tower. 

In the distance far behind the church was the tower, it looked like a regular building, but the windows were black and red, it shined like sun was hitting it, and the building material was definitely more superior than the rest of the city.  Every time I looked at the tower it felt like something was watching.  It was obviously the source of distortion... ***


Sorry, that's all I got to, I never ended up investigating the tower :/
I would provide an analysis, but really, I don't even know what it could mean at this point, lol. 

Thanks a lot for reading :D  Writing isn't my strong point, so there may be grammatical errors, and run-on sentences (I do these a lot ^^'), though hopefully I'll improve as post go on :)

If there's anything you'd like to say or ask about the dream feel free to comment :)

Woot!  First dream done *dance, dance*

I was trying to draw what the tower looked like from the city, but it didn't turn out that way, lol

Monday, March 24, 2014


Hi everyone,

My name is Anna, I'm an artist and a dreamer.  I know that's not saying much, but I'm sure you'll learn lots about me as posts go on :)

I daydream lots while I'm awake, but it's when I'm asleep that my dream world becomes reality, whether I'm walking in a forest with my friends fighting off spirits, or just running late to a test that I can't seem to find.  They all feel so real to me, and by the time I wake up, it's as if I didn't really get much sleep because I was so active in my dream.  I'm sure some, if not most can relate :)

Though, in the end, I love dreaming (except for scary nightmares, of course), and I want to keep a record of them (good and bad), and try to understand the meaning behind them, if any.  And so comes the reasoning behind this blog.  I should have started ages ago, but... well... there's no time like the present! lol.

I'll also be trying to post artwork related to my dreams whenever I can to illustrate what I'm describing and because it's another way of bringing my dreams to life :)

Thank you for reading, and I hope you look forward to my next post which will be about a dream I had recently :)

PS:  I also love smileys so you'll see lots of those too, lol :)